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Finally, a secure, customizable trading and communications platform for any industry! IndustryCast is a secure and customizable communications platform designed for business!!

Connecting the world one industry at a time… Yup, that's what we're doing!


Are you an Auto Dealer?

Are you an Auto Dealer? Join the Industry Cast Automotive network now for free!

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What Can Industry Cast Do?


Now you have a voice which can be heard by your industry. Create a specialized message that can be sent to a large audience in seconds. Accomplish what you need to do right now: buy, sell, trade, acquire info…

That’s what’s up!

Find ‘Em – Fast!

I need it, you got it, now we know… Sweet!

Communicate what you need to acquire to your industry and have the right parties come to you.


View your audience, find any industry peer on the network, communicate en mass or connect privately. Don’t be confined to “who you know”…

Don’t be old school!


Rooms can be set up for any purpose with any audience. Network an industry as a whole, by segment, by brand, internal communication, sky’s the limit. Messages can be classified in unlimited ways making information quickly distinguishable and relevant for any category.

Whatever your industry demands we got you covered!

Deal Direct

When you give the kids a sandbox, it’s interesting to see how they will play. Here’s an example of how some users in the automotive industry are taking advantage of Industry Cast: Buyers finding multiple sellers, dealers getting buy values for customer trade ins at time of deal…

Whoa, let’s see email do that! What will your industry do?


Single Platform

Imagine the possibilities if everyone in your industry were gathered on a single platform. A centralized place to communicate for whatever reasons your industry demands, whether it be to buy, sell, trade, share information, negotiate, connect segments… aw heck the possibilities are too many to list, but you get the idea and it’s a BIG idea. Getting started is easy and word will spread like wild-fire, let’s do it!


Industry Cast is a mass communication network that not just anyone can join. Each participant must legitimately belong to the industry before they are given access. This means users can share sensitive information with confidence. Finally a true B2B network that is secure for its users…. This unlocks a new world of benefits waiting to be realized… yes Industry Cast is your new friend with benefits..


You never have to be disconnected from your industry again. With our array of apps for most platforms you can take the power of industry communication wherever you go. Have critical information from industry peers streamed to your desktop. Have the ability to communicate privately with any network participant in the palm of your hand with our mobile app. Get connected to your industry today and don’t be left out!

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